Biomass is the term for substances which have grown from animal or vegetable matter. Energy from biomass fuels is renewable and can make significant greenhouse gas emissions savings compared to fossil fuels. Biomass can be in the form of wood, bioenergy crops, wastes and residues, sewage gas and biomethane.


Biomass can be used for:

● Heat production
● Power Generation
● Combined heat and power
● Production of other fuels
o Transport Fuels
千亿体育登录 o Biomethane

For more detailed information and to find out more about this technology please see the REA’s Wood Heat Association and the REA’s Biomass Power Forum. As Biomass can be used in various other renewable technologies, other REA Member Forums may be of interest, please see the Waste to Energy Member Forum, and Biogas Member Forum.

Additional Information

  • to find out more about biomass heat visit REA’s subsidiary, the Wood Heat Association
  • to find out more about the recently published REA Bioenergy Strategy
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