In a fast changing energy landscape and a climate emergency, there are a number of topics that are currently shaping the bigger picture. We’ve selected the most current areas to provide a comprehensive look at the resources, reports and latest news you need to know about. These are the policies and areas of change that are required today to achieve the UK Government’s ambitions of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

REA political & industry engagement

千亿体育登录The REA exists to promote the renewable energy and clean technology industries to grow a sustainable industry and decarbonise society as part of a Circular Economy. As part of this we engage with the policy making agenda in various ways, including by sitting on and contributing to, a range of industry groups and advisory panels, which help develop and/or manage the various policy and regulatory streams.

千亿体育登录The Sustainable Development Advisory Group at Ofgem- setup to provide a strategic oversight of the Energy regulator Ofgem’s activities and performance on sustainability issues and chaired by the Chair of Ofgem.

The group helping develop and advise on, the next regulated price control period for the Electricity System Operator and Transmission Operator.

The REA sits on the Advisory Panel for the development of this new market for flexibility services, a collaboration between the managers of distribution and transmission electricity networks.

The industry forum for developing changes across the electricity grid network, covering grid access and charging.

Industry forum for monitoring and developing the RHI policy’s implementation and operation.

The REA sits on various committees within the BSI standards setting framework, adopting and voting on international and UK standards for the industry.

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